I’ve Got a Girl in a Box

Anyone who’s been to the Standard Hotel‘s Sunset location knows about their person-in-a-box. You would be hard-pressed not to notice a half-dressed person lounging around an oversized aquarium, especially when it’s directly behind the check-in counter. Somebody over at HotelChatter discovered that they know a former denizen of the glass prison, and they’ve posted a brief interview with her. There’s not a startling amount of deep insight there (not surprising since she only did it for one night) and HotelChatter doesn’t have much to add (they seem to think the box only features the lady folk, which it doesn’t). Still, the tidbits they do serve up are interesting, like the fact that they’re not allowed to make eye contact with anybody. I would totally do it for $70.

One thought on “I’ve Got a Girl in a Box”

  1. That’s not what happened on Sex & the City though! (male in a box makes eye contact with Samantha). That episode was actually my introduction to the Standard.

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