the view from thirty-five hundred feet

When we had the big brushfire down in the OC a few weeks ago, Heather posted an image from the Mount Wilson webcam, which gave a very hawesome view of the entire San Gabriel Valley, and earned a quick bookmark from yours truly.

Since then, I’ve gone back several times a day, because when it’s not obscured by clouds, the view is always spectacular.

Today, I noticed that they have a “best of” archive, that is just filled with beautiful images dating back to 1999.

Here’s what the view looks like right now. Makes you want to blow off work and go for a hike, doesn’t it?

Mount Wilson Webcam

5 thoughts on “the view from thirty-five hundred feet”

  1. I had meetings all day in Burbank and couldn’t stop staring out the 11th floor window next to me at the mountains – and zoning out on what was being said to try and figure out how quickly I can take a day out there. It’s *really* pretty today on the edges of L.A.

  2. Actually I think the view from Mt. Wilson Observatory is well more than a mile up… but then your title is probably referencing some song that I’m too lame to know.

  3. If you truely want to be a Mt Wilson geek, I have the phone number to the pay phone up there. It’s programmed into my cell phone and I call it when I get bored. No one has picked up yet, though. Too bad. :(

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