Plague, anyone?

Okay, for the record, this time I am being funny, I do intend sarcasm, and I am holding up a religious article to ridicule.


I got this at the Gelson’s at Hyperion & Rowena today.

As a Jew I’m no stranger to the huge (and sometimes weird) display of Passover goods in the stores around now, but in all my born days I ain’t never seen no PYRAMID OF PLAGUES before.

No wonder we never wanted to be Jewish growing up – our friends all had holidays where you got candy, presents, bunny rabbits and colored eggs.

Us? We got PLAGUES!

Hey Kids! Come see lots of death and destruction!

The box (sorry my pic is too small to embiggen) promises “An Educational Pyramid of the 10 Plagues – Metal Pyramid with 11 Magnets.” At only $8.99, that’s just under 90 cents a plague!

Is it any wonder where I got my gruesome sense of humor?

8 thoughts on “Plague, anyone?”

  1. I live right by there, I have to check that out. But with sarcasm and humor, who better than Jews to suck the life out of a holiday. Have you ever observed Yom Kippur in Israel? I have.

    I’m all for Purim.

  2. Yup, Purim is about the only “fun” holiday and even that is kind of creepy. But you get to yell and use noisemakers in the temple and that’s saying something.

  3. Speaking of which, know of any Seders that would be willing to accept one formerly-Israeli Goy boy and his Vietnamese girlfriend? I miss Passover, and while I am much more familiar with the Hebrew tradition I would be willing to check out the more Yiddish LA version, even if I am more of a Reform-type non-Jew.

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