LA Marathon actually kills people

There’s a good chance this happens all the time and I just know nothing about it, but I was pretty shocked to read the LAFD News & Information blog this morning and find that two people died during yesterday’s race. They report:

“At 9:00 AM, at approximately mile marker one, Exposition Boulevard and Figueroa Street, a 60 year-old male runner and retired Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy, suffered a full cardiac arrest. Paramedics immediately began CPR and provided immediate Advance Cardiac Life Support. The patient was transported to California Medical Center where the patient was pronounced dead by hospital personnel.

At 1:30 P.M., at approximately mile marker twenty-four, Olympic Boulevard and Westmoreland Avenue, a 53 year-old male and an ‘active’ member’ of the Los Angeles Police Department, suffered a full cardiac arrest. Firefighters and Paramedics, pre-deployed along the Marathon route, provided immediate Advanced Cardiac Life Support and rapid transport to Good Samaritan Hospital. Unfortunately, the Paramedics and Hospital staff were unable to revive the Officer and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.”

Reading some of Will’s posts about his experiences with it did a good job of talking me out of ever trying this, that and the fact that I hate running, but this seals the deal. More info on the rest of the days emergency response can be found here.

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  1. Marathon deaths are rare but not unheard of. After all, the first marathon (a single-runner announcing a victory in ancient greece) ended with the collapse and death of the runner.

    Two deaths is a rather high death toll for a marathon though.

  2. Reports are that these were only the second and third deaths in the history of the LA Marathon, with the first being in 1990

  3. About 25,000 people pushing their bodies to the extreme… two deaths may be more than usual, but not really a surprise.

    “Though unusual, marathon casualties do make the news from time to time; most famously, there were two at the 1994 New York City Marathon and another at the Boston Marathon Centennial in 1997.”

    This quote and a lot more good info relating to marathon related deaths can be found here:

    The best point in the article is that while runners, by and large, have a reduced chance of heart attack or stroke, they are most at risk to succumb to such tragedies while running… even more so during a marathon.

  4. Yeah. Wow. Running is a terrible idea. We really should have evolved beyond this by now.

    I don’t run unless someone is chasing me, and that’s never happened. Even if it did, I’d be hard pressed to choose: “Hmm. Do I run and become a panting, heaving, sloshing mess of flesh and probably die on the sidewalk, or do I just let this person mug me? Hmm. Wow. Um.”

    Yeah. That moving fast stuff ain’t for me.*

    *unless it’s on a bike or in a car. Planes are excepted from this and are just as unnatural and wrong as running.

  5. OMFG, are you guys serious? Geez, people die all the time from all kinds of things. Car accidents kill more people than just about anything, yet are any of you about to give up driving?!

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