Buddhist Relics – the right info this time


Okay so the news was only half wrong about the location of the Buddhist relics on display today and Sunday. They said Summit and Washington, and it’s really at Summit and Mountain. If you exit the 134 at Fair Oaks there will be a small sign at Mountain to turn right.

So here’s the real details:

Los Angeles Buddhist Vihara
920 Summit Ave, Pasadena

No charge to enter, see the relics, even get a blessing with a relic from a monk! Donations of course encouraged, and you should give because that’s how they run the place.

Quoted (edited) from their press release:

Relics are beautiful pearl-like crystals found among the creamation ashes of the Buddha. To view a relic is extremely rare as normally relics are permanently enshrined inside statues and are rarely made available for public viewing.

When the tour finishes, the relics will be enshrined in a 500-foot golden statue of Maitreya Buddha in northern India. The building of the statue is part of the Maitreya Project, who are responsible for this tour.

More info at maitreyaproject.org.