Takin’ It To The Streets This Weekend

This weekend marks the third anniversary of the War in Iraq. There will be a major protest for it, at Hollywood and Ivar, starting at noon on Saturday. CODEPINK will be there, as will A.N.S.W.E.R. Three years is three years too many, we say. I’ve reposted the CODEPINK alert about last week’s International Women’s Day actions on my blog as well, which has the recap of what we did, across America, to say no to war.

I’m continuing the protesting on Sunday as well, when I’m going on the Acura Bike Tour, as part of the Ride de No Guerre. That’s the anti-war protest on bikes which is riding along as a sub-group. The Tour overlaps a bit with the “F&@% Acura Bike Tour”, the group of bike activists who find it hypocritical that a car company is sponsoring a bike ride, and who are not paying to register in protest. I couldn’t go THAT far though. I’m registering – although I’d probably refuse to do so if it was the Ford Bike Marathon instead. More info on all rides is on the BikeBoom calendar. See you all on the streets!

3 thoughts on “Takin’ It To The Streets This Weekend”

  1. “…the group of bike activists who find it hypocritical that a car company is sponsoring a bike ride…”

    I suppose if you look at things narrowly enough you can find hypocrisy in anything. Guess I better cancel my subscription/membership to National Geographic because they accept automobile advertisements in their magazines.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t agree with that one either. If a car company sponsors a bike event, at least someone is paying for it.

    Are the N.G. ads at least for HYBRID cars? ;-)

  3. Lets not forget about the anti-smoking ads put out by tobacco companies (although those are required).

    But this post reminds me that getting around Sunday will be a nightmare due to the marathon…

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