Stay the hell away from Denny’s

dennys.jpgGoing into a post office and shooting the place up is so 90’s, it’s all about Denny’s these days. Or at least the last three days in a row. Three different Denny’s in three different So Cal cities. Can I get a WTF? Is the service that bad? Refills not coming quick enough? On my list of places that might get shot up which I carry around with me every day I’m embarrased to say that Denny’s didn’t even break the top 10. Maybe that’s because “pulling a Moons over My Hammy” doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like “going postal.”

(yes I know Will already wrote about this thank you very much)

5 thoughts on “Stay the hell away from Denny’s”

  1. (yes I know Will already wrote about this thank you very much)

    Did you also know you mispelled “Denny’s”? ;)

  2. The Denny’s on Sunset at (about) Stanley closed a few years ago due to repeated violence, including a couple of shootings.

    I ate there the night before the final shooting that led to it closing.

    There’s some new sandwich place opened up there a few months ago. They razed the place, though; built the new place up from scratch.

    Denny’s is definately on my top ten potential sites for spontaneous gunplay. Let’s just hope they leave the IHOP alone.

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