Report Traffic in Los Angeles?

Last night I was sitting in gridlock on the Interstate 5 southbound, which was highly unusual, normally I fly down that freeway at the time that I go home from work. So it was an anomaly, to say the least. Perturbed, I decided that I would switch on the radio to check some traffic reports.

And listening to the traffic reports, I got the rundown of every two bit piece of pavement in Orange County and maybe one or maybe two freeways in actual Los Angeles County. But no information that was even remotely useful to me as a Los Angeles driver stuck in a random traffic jam. Why? I know that the these stations are Los Angeles based, and that their area of influence probably does extend into the OC, but why were all the traffic reports I heard in that hour period skewed towards our neighbor in the south? Anyone else ever noticed this?

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  1. I agree. Maybe this is because there’s too many freeways to cover in central LA… I dunno…
    However, in the cases where I’ve called into 1080 or 970 to report an unexpected traffic snag they’ve always reported it on air.

  2. When I lived in LA I remember that problem. Then I moved behind the curtain and realized that, unlike LA where there are MANY options (usually) to get around tough traffic spots, the OC doesn’t usually have that option. And if it does, you need LOTS of advanced warnig or your SOL. If you have a Palm Pilot with internet access you can get an up-to-the-minute traffic program that’s exclusively for LA and not us in the OC. :(

  3. I did the SAME THING last night. I couldn’t believe what i was stuck in on the 5 at 8pm. 1070AM-nothing to report. Could whatever crap in the OC really have backed the 5 up all the way to Burbank, and it not be reported???

  4. I always have that problem when I’m coming back from snowboarding. I’ve never successfully avoided a jam thanks to a traffic report. I think there are just so many trouble areas about which to report that they have to rotate. I’ve noticed that if I keep it on one station, like KFWB, each time they do a traffic update they’ll concentrate on a different area.

  5. Sometimes it’s simply too hard to sit through all the right wing patter that happens on most LA AM radio stations to get to the traffic report!

    I also wish they could cover surface street activity in LA. I’m not talking about side streets or anything, but major commuting arteries like Sunset or Sepulveda or Wilshire or Olympic…c’man! Help us out!

  6. Yesterday seemed to have been one of those random days when for no apparent reason, traffic is awful. My commute from La Cienega/Olympic to Long Beach which normally takes about an hour mid-day took me over two. Worse still was my wife’s drive home from Santa Monica. It took her two hours to drive TEN MILES.

  7. FROM Andrew D Douglass in Poole Bay

    I suspect Traffic Jam Reports are to prevent drivers from heading into areas where a jam MAY happen. If you are ALREADY IN a big jam, it is too late for you. It is kind of them to avoid irritating you. You would hate it if they told you something you already knew.

    Of course, if you expected them to tell you how to get out of the jam, that would be an insult. Nobody likes being told what to do by a radio station.

    I will not mention push bikes. If you are in a car it presupposes that your journey is too long for my favourite means of transport. In LA that must be easy.

    Wait! Motorbikes! Get a motor-bike!

    I used love pottering past all the cars full of semi-cooked visiting familes, and the occasional fuming local, in the long queue to get into, or through, Corfe Castle in those good old motor cycling days of the late 1970s thru early 1980s, with a gentle smile on my kisser. It is what generously makes up for the rain, and it the best way to tour Dorset.

    I am new, and English, so be kind.

    Cheers, Andrew

  8. Yesterday really was an awful traffic day. It took me over an hour to get from Burbank to the 110/101 interchange where I live, and this was at 1:00 in the afternoon. I’m sure the rain had something to do with it, because, after all, bad LA drivers become incredibly stupid in the rain.

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