Draconian Calabasas Smoking Ban Now In Effect

Just a warning to Calabasas residents or anyone else wanting to light up on a visit to the fine city of 20,000: smoking in almost all public spaces is now outlawed.

The “Comprehensive Secondhand Smoke Control Ordinance” includes indoor and outdoor businesses, hotels, parks, sidewalks, restaurants and bars where people can be reasonably expected to congregate or meet, according to an announcement from the city of Calabasas… People will still be allowed to smoke in their homes (from ABC7.com).

Fellow blogging.la writer Will Campbell previously wrote his opinion of the law in the entry Putting the Ass In Calabasas.

11 thoughts on “Draconian Calabasas Smoking Ban Now In Effect”

  1. I work in Calabasas and see this ban effecting only a very specific group of people, and most people won’t mind. There are a few smoking areas set up. I see it mostly effecting the hipsters that work at the local boutiques and coffee shops and can’t get through their shift without a few delicious cancer sticks.

  2. So, does Calabasas have signs proclaiming its new law posted hamlet-wide? I can only hope such signs will include info on who to contact for prompt enforcement (snark)

  3. I hate second-hand cigarette smoke as much as the next guy and find it annoying, but these folks — and Meathead Rob Reiner — need to be honest about the junk science they keep quoting. (full disclosure: I hate cigarettes, but I enjoy a good cigar, although never around non-smokers).

    The EPA second-hand smoke study everyone quotes was thrown out by a Federal judge because they manipulated the data and created a fraudulent study report. The WHO study was utterly inconclusive about any link between second-hand smoke and health issues. (I have mild exercise-induced asthma and find cigarettes annoying, but the science and data aren’t there to prove it causes specific health issues. I don’t smoke around my child, either). And finally, second-hand smoke has NEVER been listed on a death certificate as a cause of death or even as a contributing cause.

    If you want links to the truth about those studies, email me.

    The Calabasas ban is BS. It’s political posturing based on statistical lies. Red wine and beef are next, I’m sure.

  4. While second hand smoke has never been listed on a death certificate, neither has smoking. The cause of death would be “lung cancer”.
    I haven’t looked up the figure, but to deny the adverse health effects of smoke on non-smokers seems a bit irrational… but if you’re basing this on hard science… damn the hard science!

    Anyway, one interesting tidbit regarding Diana Reeves, who they hyped as being a victim of lung cancer from second hand smoke, is that she actually WAS a heavy smoker years ago.

  5. Wow, It’s still okay to smoke in your own home…really? They should put a stop to that because well…smoke dissipates and becomes one with the air and who knows how many babies that’s killing like 20 blocks away from one evil cancer stick.

    Please, they should relocate their goofy arses away from LA or any other major metropolitan area…maybe even go Amish because with all the vehicle emissions, industrial waste, and the odd fire here and there in our lovely neck of the woods…well the last thing on their minds should be walking past a puff of smoke from the cig of some poor soul trapped in retail hell standing 8 hours a day getting paid a miserable wage and trying to jam a soda, a ramen noodle cup and a quick smoke in 15min. hence the standing close to the “gates” of their own personal hell.
    Awesome, the lovely people of Calabasas are now gonna make that poor bastard run to the desiganted paria pen that is the smoking sector that will in all likelyhood be exposed to the elements and like 2 blocks away from ANYTHING.
    Well at least they can all fill their lungs with the sweet smell of heavily restricted freedom…and the toxic cancer provoking emissions of their monster SUVs.
    Rock on!

  6. Why is this a surprise to anyone? We’ve lost our expectation to individual freedom and rights in this state a long time ago.

  7. Let’s keep it real: Walking by a smoker (outdoor) does not harm you. Sitting in a room filled with smoke harms you. The latter is taken care of. – I don’t see why everything has to be so over the top. Aren’t there any real issues to deal with? Does everything have to be regulated? Calabasas needs regulation?
    OK, let me help:
    1. You are planning to to something that disturbs other people? Ask them if they mind or avoid doing it close to them.
    2. You hate something and you know where it is? Don’t go there!
    And don’t tell me it is a free country and non- smokers should be able to go anywhere without being exposed to smoke! And definitely: If your urge for tobacco is too strong to step a few feet aside: Wow,you have problems with addiction or/and living in society!

  8. Well… smoking is bad for the health, no doubt about that. So maybe we should instead take some deeeep breaths from a passing Chevy V8. That is a lot healthier (hmmm) -but maybe the city will soon be car-free. THEN we can talk about clean air.
    With all best wishes
    SkyFly – a considerate European smoker

  9. Calabasas is great! Terrific! I wish the whole world is like Calabasas! Smokers are sick, inconsiderate people who spread their posions to all. Why must I breath your poisons? Calabasas should also increase there vehicle emissions requirements as well. Since our everyday lives cannot function normally without vehicles, we cannot ban them altogether. However, we can limit the amount of pollution that is unnecissarily created. Smoking is not a necessity for our society. It is just a poisonous, disgusting, addictive drug that must me eliminated like other drugs.

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