4 thoughts on “Denny’s Anyone?”

  1. none of the shooting were related to Denny’s . it just happens to be a hangout after clubbing in more cities now. the dennys on sunset in hollywood was the scene to many a brawl and shooting from the 80’s to the 90’s even in the 00’s yet make the news every now and then

    the OG tommys on Rampart is another spot that ya got to watch your back at past 2am many a murder at that spot . anyplace that caters to party people after 2am is gonna be the scene of drama or pecking order gone out of control when ya mix females with over active, pituitary glands in boys with a boost of non needed adreline to go with the overload of testoserone add a lil drink and smoke toss a pistol in the mix and ya got a recipe for disaster, take the guns out of their hands or make bullits 100 dollars a round . i bet senceless killing will go down. but the rich drug dealer or rapper will be dumping shots to have the same effect as walking around with a bottle of cristal , ” that fool must be balling” is what people will say , but people are taking lives alot quicker these days ,the VALUE of life seems to have been lost in many a youth. maybe if WE as a whole actually treated a life as a LIFE . why make it seem like a white american life is worth 100 non whites lives?. why not make a life of a kid

    just that a life of a kid . but when a white kid is missing its national news while the missing blacks an mexican kids are just milk box material not worthy of News. the only reason that kid in aneheim made the news was because it was at Dennys

    otherwise we never would of heard about a kid getting his chain snatched then running out after it to get smoked like a swisher sweet in them cold ass streets .so if ya get robbed and you aint got shit to protect yourself LET THAT STUFF GO , ya might get a chance …..to breathe the next day

    to go to work to pay off the credit card cuz ya went and replaced what was stolen the night before instead of being the “lucky” guy whoose family gets the fun job of writing an obit. and picking out a suit and coffin while trying to stay within budget the whole time remembering the first steps you took as a baby, the first words and then it sinks in ya never got to say goodbye

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