All day yesterday I thought about burritos. Pregnancy has not made me any more prone to food cravings than I ever was, but one an idea gets into my head I have to have whatever food I’m obsessing over.

It’s kind of funny, actually – see, I asked what’s so special about receiving blankets, an item that I see on every baby-related “must” list. My helpful friends and blogreaders explained to me that they were used to swaddle babies. Only they referred to it as “burrito-ing” the baby, which made me hungry. (OK, that might be more gross than funny.)

I had to have a burrito.

Despite a weakness for the occasional Taco Bell (I know, I know) and a major love for Poquito Mas, I didn’t want just a bean and cheese burrito. I wanted something special. So I went to the Cactus roadside stand on Beverly at Harvard and ordered the Burrito Vegetariano with everything. And an Horchata. Everything is made to order, and fast. The lettuce and tomatoes are fresh and crisp. The rice is tasty, as is the smattering of beans. I think there’s avocado in there, too. And the burrito costs only $3.50 and comes with amazing (hot!) salsas and fresh tortilla chips. A small drink is 16 ounces and costs only a buck.

Cactus has at least one other location. Perhaps readers will remember where it is (I think perhaps Vine). They are rumored to have phenomenal fish tacos, but I don’t eat those so I can’t say anything one way or another.

5 thoughts on “burrito.”

  1. Get it “Gringo” style for extra yummyness.

    …yeah. Never having tried a burrito from that place, I can’t judge how good it is but getting a burrito “gringo” style just sounds stupid.

  2. The other Cactus Taco is indeed on Vine, between Santa Monica and Melrose, on the East side of the street.

    Damn good eatin’, that Cactus Taco.

    The Burritos are good, the Horchata is AWESOME, and so are the Tortas, in fact. (Torta Especial…yeeeaahhh.)

    Open ’til 3AM, I believe. Big Buckets of Alright.

    And, Pinche Gavacho that I may be, I still could never bring myself to order anything “Gringo Style.” Ay, Cabrone!

    “Animal Style” at In and Out, sure, but “Gringo Style?” No, Mija, NO.

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