LA City Nerd’s Parking Tips rock!

For Los Angeles veterans, most of this is old news. For anyone newer to the city this post by the Los Angeles City Nerd could save you hundreds of dollars in parking tickets and impounds: “5 Parking Tips for LA”.

The Nerd covers the worst kept parking secret (yellow zones), grace periods for street cleaning days, what areas are more policed by parking enforcement, plus few other pointers.

The only parking tip I can offer that LA City Nerd missed is this: your car will inevitably be impounded for one ridiculous reason or another, so its a good idea to memorize your license plate number (or write it down, maybe on the backside of your driver’s license) if you need to retrieve it after a night club hopping or seeing a band. Oh, and be nice to the meter maids even if they’re giving you a ticket… when you meet them again in hell you may need a friend.

3 thoughts on “LA City Nerd’s Parking Tips rock!”

  1. Ever think that’s why so many people have vanity plates? Impossible to forget the plate number when your car gets towed…

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