USC Basketballer Pruitt Pwned by Cal Prankster

Gabe Pruitt of USC is normally a 79% free-throw shooter, but during a game at Cal last week, he went 0-2 and shot a dismal 3-13 from the field, as the Golden Bears went on to beat the Trojans 71-60.

Why did Pruitt, a Team All-Pac-10 player, play so badly? It was all because of a woman.

Well, sort of.

Before the game, Pruitt spent a lot of time chatting on AIM with a Cal student identified as “Victoria,” who sent him sexy pictures and messages. He told her, “You look like you have a very fit body,” and, “Now I want to c u so bad.” Pruitt and Victoria planned to meet up after the game, and he gave her his phone number to ensure the boots would be knocked.

So when Pruitt went to the line for his first free throw of the game, and a group of Cal students held up signs with Pruitt’s phone number and began chanting “Who’s going to call? Pruitt! Who’s he going to call? Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!”

It turns out that “Victoria” was actually a Cal student, who shared the IM logs with several friends.

In a related story, Pruitt reportedly recieved some consoling IMs after the show from a Cal student called “Veronica,” and he will “c” her after the next game.

(via Bruce Schneier)

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