Women Say No To War Aerial Image

The aerial image that we created on the (cold and damp!) Santa Monica beach yesterday (as part of CODEPINK’s Internation Women’s Day and Women Say No To War initiative) made today’s L.A. Times! It came out absolutely amazing: click here to see the photo reposted on the CODEPINK L.A. website. I’m in the goddess figure somewhere, finding out the hard way that making an aerial image means, in part, cold sand in my yoga pants.

I had no idea what the image was going to look like while I was in it, so I’m stunned at how perfect it looks. It was all coordinated on the ground. I’m sure the grid from the crosses made it easier, but creating art outlines with just human forms, on that scale, boggles my mind.

If you couldn’t make the event Sunday, but would like to hear Medea Benjamin and Faiza Al-Araji (one of our women delegates from Iraq) speak, there is an event with No More Victims tomorrow night in Venice, at the United Methodist Church on Lincoln at Victoria. $10 suggested donation; no one turned away. I missed hearing Faiza speak yesterday because I was rampaging around like a madwoman trying to locate the musicians who were playing, so I’m looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

2 thoughts on “Women Say No To War Aerial Image”

  1. I love the image, and the coordination necessary to bring it about. Now, if we could figure out a plausible exit stragedy to make it happen, that would be the ticket.

  2. I’m reminded of an Onion headline:

    “Bush Announces Exit Strategy: ‘We’ll Go Through Iran'”

    Unfortunately coordinating peace in Iraq is a lot bigger than coordinating an aerial image, or else CODEPINK would be on it.

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