Forget the Fear of Flying

One of my pet peeves is how difficult it is to fly these days. Long lines are the norm, expensive parking at LAX is accepted, general uptight drama around security, I’ve actually come to accept all this. However, this past year I’ve discovered a great secret. I’ve been traveling prretty exclusively on Jet Blue which flies out of Long Beach and Burbank and the ease of getting in and out of those airports really rocks. I just got back from a trip which took me through Long Beach and it was sooooo easy. The drive to Long Beach is only 25 minutes from Hollywood (I timed it both times), which is faster than LAX. Of course, that’s in the super early morning with no traffic. The long term parking was only $7.00 per day and every one I dealt with actually smiled and was helpful. Security is a breeze. I personally love Jet Blue, but the fact that I can get in and out of the airport so quickly and cheaply is a huge plus!

5 thoughts on “Forget the Fear of Flying”

  1. I just took my first trip on JetBlue last week – Burbank to NYC and Boston. Fantastic! I’m a convert. Plus, the airfare’s cheap (great fare sales) and the “True Blue” thing seems like a quick way to earn free tickets.

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