Five Dollar Guy Roundup

In light of the breaking news of his recently acquired intern/assistant, I thought the time was ripe to make a quick post about a Silverlake mainstay – the Five Dollar Guy(or Silverlake’s Own World Famous Five Dollar Guy according to his murals).

If you have been past Sunset Junction in the past year or so, certainly you have seen his murals, which have decorated the building now currently housing Lovecraft Biofuels, and others in that general vicinity.

Basically the Five Dollar Guy is a character who haunts the area hawking a variety of wares all for the low price of five dollars(“A deal that God can’t beat”). If you have been in the area, you know who I am talking about as he is one of the cast of Silverlake characters which also includes El Circo Loco and the Walking Man.

I have encountered him in a number of different spots: sitting at the counter at Prasadam with teddy bears and beer, at the corner of Sunset and Santa Monica, and outside Good Microbrew. As have others, as evidenced by the small but growing collection of photos tagged with fivedollarguy.

photo via 7-how-7.

8 thoughts on “Five Dollar Guy Roundup”

  1. I confess I have not yet had an encounter with $5 Guy (other than the mural west of Eat Well, but thanks to the picture you included I do recall seeing the hat/bandana combo on a dude strutting across Sanborn at Sunset from the El Polo Loco to the Circus of Books and was wondering what he was about. Thanks for solving the mystery!

  2. i had never encountered duder either but had seen the murals and the mystery ate away at me! i’m so glad you posted this!

  3. Sadly, of these three, I think only the walking doctor can be considered a “nice guy” (and even that I don’t know personally). The other two just seem creepy and not so benevolent.

  4. This is insane. Does anyone know how to get in touch with these guys? Or is it just like an Angelyne sighting–right place, right time?

  5. Tiki, I can personally vouch for El Circo Loco. He’s definitely out there, but doesn’t bite.

    Michele, $5 Guy and the Walking Dude are definitely right-place, right-time. To catch El Circo Loco, just go have breakfast at Millie’s or Cafe Matisse (or just hang around the mall down the street with the Baskin-Robbins. That’s pretty much his lair.

  6. Hurrah! The Five Dollar Guy and El Circo Loco are two of the reasons I love living in Silver Lake. Hot tip: the Five Dollar Guy has been known to come in and give special deals (2 for 1!) at the laundromat at Sunset Junction.

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