No, There Will Not Be Naked People

Since the Treasure Hunt has been postponed, I hereby invite all cyclists and non-cyclists alike to get themselves down to Arlington West in Santa Monica (at the pier in SM) to participate in the aerial image that we’re creating today on the beach. There will be (acoustic) music, speakers, and much more. And it’s a chance to participate in something that you just don’t see every day: 2,000 people in an image on the sand. (This is not one of the naked ones. Please come clothed.)

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  1. On March 31st…Community Blood Drive
    I would like to personally thank everyone that has already signed up or volunteered to help in our community blood drive which is being held on March 31st. We have already reached our minimum requirement of donors, but I ask you what a minimum is? I know we can sign up more people than the minimum. So please, if you can not make it please pass on the message about our blood drive and let’s show our community spirit and beat our record in blood donation. Our goal is 100 pints on behalf of Laura Esguerra Adams Foundation. (L.E.A.F.)

    I would once again like to thank all my friends to supporting our cause. J

    Once again calling on all my friends,

    It’s that time again…Are you ready to party and have a great time? No, it’s not another divorce party or birthday party. This one is special…I am even throwing in a 2- for-1 deal in during the happy hour.


    Of course, there’s one tiny catch. I need your blood again.

    On Friday, March 31st, Adam and I will be hosting another Blood Drive in memory of our friend, and beloved Cole’s regular, Laura (July 5, 1969 – September 3, 2005). James, Adam, and I are kicking off the Laura Esguerra Adams Foundation (LEAF) with a bang so please join us.

    (To read more about Laura, please visit her blog at

    Once again, my friends from Kaiser will be drawing your blood at Adam’s penthouse (home of the best views in LA). The Blood Drive will be held from 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. I need 50 people to set this up, so email me or call me to set up an appointment ASAP — appointments can be at the top of each hour to cut down your wait. The drive will start by appointment at 12 p.m. and continue until all the people signed up are done…

    All donors will receive a thank you gift bag which includes a Super Lotto Ticket, a chance to win a fabulous prize, and 2-for-1 gift certificate for free pints of Spaten at the Cole’s after party.

    That night, I’m hosting a party for all our friends and donors at Cole’s (you don’t have to donate to come). One of the best local bands in town — I See Hawks in LA — will be playing in the back room. The free beer will be flowing, and we’ll all compare Band-Aids.

    Get Free Beer, Listen to the Hawks….you can’t do better on a Friday.

    Appointments and RSVP’s

    [email protected]

    Or call


    Blood Drive Location
    Adam’s Penthouse
    533 South Los Angeles Street
    Between 5th Street & 6th Street
    7th floor

    Laura’s Blog Address

    After Party
    118 East 6th Street
    Between Main Street & Los Angeles Street

    Kaiser Blood Donor Center

    Marliz Triggs

    323-783-7069 Direct

    323-783-6667 Blood Donor Center

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