In an Earthquake, Stay Off Bridges

I heard some mention of this on the radio a few days ago and now I see this article on the AP wire. It looks like around 600 California bridges have not been updated to meet earthquake safety standards and may potentially collapse in an earthquake. Some of the bridges in LA that are in need of retrofitting are the Hyperion bridge in Silver Lake and the 6th street bridge (which I drive on almost every day). I remember growing up in the Bay Area during Loma Prieata quake in 1989 a section of the Bay Bridge collapsed as did an entire two level freeway in Oakland. There has been no mention of any retrofitting in the $222 billion infrastructure bond proposal, but maybe the Governator will incorporate some into it. Maybe none of his republican buddies would make very much money off of the retrofit construction projects so he is leaving it out. In all fairness though, Gray Davis eliminated a fund earmarked for bridge retrofits in 2002 so it isn’t just the Terminator’s fault.

One thought on “In an Earthquake, Stay Off Bridges”

  1. I’m glad they finally fixed those millions of pot holes on Laurel Canyon, now if only they could fix those bridges I drive on every now and then, that would be fantastic. I am now scared shitless to drive on them. Thanks city of LA :)

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