Diebold shenanigans redux: save Steve Heller

Last month, I wrote about the plight of Steve Heller, a temp at the large L.A. law firm representing Diebold Election systems, who brought to light certain facts that did not reflect well on his employer’s client.

Some friends of mine in the theater community have confirmed what I suspected: Steve is an actor. So is his wife. Amazingly (remember–they’re actors) they’ve been able to pay for Steve’s defense on their own up to now, but with their funds and credit finally tapped out, they’ve set up a legal defense fund for donations here.

I know a reader or two was adamant on the point that regardless of his feeling like he was doing the morally correct and patriotic thing, Steve was breaking an NDA, so I’m sure not everyone who reads this is going to feel like he deserves help fighting his way out of this legal nightmare. However, as he and his wife have also requested that those who care just keep this in the public eye, I’m happy to have any of y’all* flame me again.

*What can I say? I’ve been in Texas for three days…

One thought on “Diebold shenanigans redux: save Steve Heller”

  1. We interviewed Bev Harris and Bob Fitarkis last Saturday on Digital Village. We talked a LOT about all the problems still facing electronic voting, and a little about Mr. Heller’s specific legal problems. It’s SIX YEARS (!) after the 2000 election fiasco and voting is still f’d up. At least four states (including Calif) have found problems with Diebold machines, yet our Secretary of State has approved them. It’s all bad news.

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