e021316a.jpgI never paid much attention to Scott Stapp (or “Rick” as his “friends” refer to him when he’s shit-faced), but lately he has hands down become my new favorite famous person train wreck. I love that he’s out there in the world just making a total asshole of himself all the time. I’m so into what he’s up to that I might even go buy his solo record to support him and hopefully he will continue to entertain us all. The dude is so lame that he’s fucking cool. Who else sings about Jesus, makes sex tapes with Kid Rock, consistantly makes retarded statements in the press about his failing career, and gets arrested in LAX for being on mass amounts of blow and booze? If you haven’t seen this “Behind the Douche Bag” short that someone made yet, you are really missing out on some great Stapp Moments. So anyway…. “Rick” if you are, by some grace of GOD, reading this right now… please email me, we have to party together! You can even bring your video camera, I won’t get pissed. Let’s go off dude!


  1. Mr. Travis Keller, I adore you.

    Who’d have thought Mr. Stapp’d be such a party mad sonofabitch? With Kid Rock! That’s just awesome.

    I bet Jesus is pissed. This is possibly better than those pictures of that guy from Bad Religion jacking off. Although that was pretty funny too.

    Wires on Fire’s album should really be easier to get hold of in England.

  2. or we could all stay in and party like that fall-out boy. he knows how to woo the ladies.

  3. I do love this story. Scott Stapp getting blow jobs from groupies is about as ridiculous as Ryan Leaf doing TV coverage of the NFL Draft…oh wait, that really is happening also.

  4. …that was offically the greatest piece of random douchebaggery I have ever EVER seen in my entire life.

    I don’t pray, but I feel I have found a reason to:
    FOR STAPP’S POOR OFFSPRING. That poor child is truly fucked over, and its sad, because it’s not his fault.

  5. He is so nightmare-worthy freaky deaky. I never want to encounter him in a dark alley. Or even in broad daylight. He makes me feel so embarrassed for him.

  6. did anyone see the creed behind the music? when the band usually spirals into excess they show stapp talking about smoking weed. what a ‘gina! motley crue sucks but at least they did real drugs. i smell a pussy…

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