Funny Like a House on Fire

I’m not sure what to make of this post card that came in the mail. As a homeowner we get A LOT of mail from realtors about the market, homes available and of course solitications to sell our home. (Not gonna happen.)

This one make me think of that series of TBS promos where people phone into a call center and relate their experience to find out if it’s actually funny. I’m not sure if this brilliantly edgy, too far out there, ineffective or just plain poor taste. Maybe someone can help me out.

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  1. Ha.

    Unfortunetly, to buy a house in Echo Park these days means being buried in mortgage for life!

    Might as well torch the fucker!

  2. How many little kids die in house fires in LA? Kelly might think this is just so edgy, but I doubt I want to buy a house from edgychik with a weird sense of marketing–who’ll give you advice on “money-making improvements”. Advice like hers I don’t need.

  3. A few years ago I saw the interior of one of the Echo Park houses she rehabbed. It was an appalling job of quick fixes and shoddy tile work.

  4. Wow that is just awful and certainly inappropriate, not to mention that there is NO WAY this postcard would motivate anyone to work with this realtor!

    This is obviously a clueless new girl who dosn’t know marketing 101 from a hole in the ground. I’m surprised she works at a large company like Keller Williams.

  5. i suggest sending a postcard to keller williams asking them if this kind of person really reprents the firm….

  6. Lighten up for the love of god. “This is obviously a clueless new girl who dosn’t know marketing 101 from a hole in the ground.” – yea great point… oh wait marketing means exposure… oh damn it. Not only is it hilarious but it just got hundreds of time more readers than she anticipated. By definition this is a successful marketing campaign. And the original question that was posed was ‘is this funny’ – and YES this is very funny, regardless of how many children, llamas, muskrats or angry bloggers die in house fires every 365 days. I suggest to Kelly that she incorporates clubbing baby seals in her next one. Nice work Kelly and thanks for having a sense of humor.

  7. As crass and tasteless as the ad is, I rent in Echo Park, and the rat and termite infested abandoned house next door that needs the foundation replaced just went for $549,000. At this point, $449K for a burning house looks pretty good.

    As if I could even buy at that price.

  8. Buddog, yeah, I thought of the whole “any publicity is good publicity” theory. But this is not Kid Rock leaking a BJ tape before the next record comes out to boost sales. This is a residential realtor, a one-on-one relationship with $$$ thousands at stake. No matter how funny you think this is, people take their money very seriously.

    Yes this increases visibility and exposure, but does it translate into real business? Does it inspire homebuyers or sellers to work with her? Doubt it.

  9. I hired Kelly to sell my house last year after receiving one of her postcards of a run-down shack – most agents I’ve dealt with have been slimy, sneaky and dull, and here was someone who was straight forward with a sense of humor and fresh ideas. She worked hard, got me a good price and was professional through out. She’s almost TOO honest, but I’ll definitely work with her again.

  10. Pretty soon, people WILL have to torch their houses to get the value out of them.

  11. “i suggest sending a postcard to keller williams asking them if this kind of person really reprents the firm….”

    Really? I suggest moving to San Francisco where NIMBYISM and
    other PC outcries will be more well recieved. If you stop taking yourself so seriously, life (& this simple & clever post card) will be alot more fun.

  12. The card is GREAT! It is clever and funny (unfortunately funny because it is so true!!) Who are the losers who are offended by it??? Probably bitter RE Agents who send out lame cards that get no response much less blog time!! Go girl. Also, if you REALLY are offended by this card, remember, Political Correctness is the flip side of the fascist coin!! Get a life!!!

  13. For any of you who are offended by this postcard I suggest you check your stock portfolios and see what kind of company you’ve been keeping these days. I’ve known Kelly for over eleven years. She’s as straight as they come, though admittedly she has a very active sense of humor. As far as business savvy is concerned, I’ve watched her develop two, on our side of town, that delivered honestly, yet profitably. I’ve also known her to volunteer her time teaching art to the disabled and creating group projects for school children. She’s also active in the Echo Park Historical Society. As a landlord she is prompt and fair. As far as the tilework, if I’m not mistaken, it was a restoration from the thirties that had been covered up – she salvaged it. I guess I could also mention her bus stop mural, one of eight or so that grace the neighborhood. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s very easy to rush to judgement. We are easily inflamed these days but I think often we are misdirected. I’m just trying to give you some of the facts about this person as I’ve known her. She is kind, creative, honest, witty, edgey – all of these things – and I can guarantee you that if she is working on a house deal for you she is is bringing everything she has to bear with genuine enthusiasm. She is not showing up with dollar signs behind sunglasses in a fancy car. She is salt of the earth and loves children, family, animals – all things living – and has a very keen, practical sense when it comes to money, without a stitch of greed. I happen to know that this is part of her upbringing that goes deep to her core. I offer this in case any of you are questioning her motivation or her abilities. If I had a company I would welcome her as part of a creative team and if I were in the market I would definitely request her services.
    Lastly, everyone knows the market is out of whack and marketing, which I work in, is deceptive, if not sinister. Here is a postcard that is transparent in it’s tongue and cheek – do we really have nothing better to do than to pick it apart? I think we do.

  14. You got a nice house there, a really nice house. You might want to think about selling that house, you can make a lot of money. A lot more than the insurance if something happened to that house.

    Now we don’t want nuttin to happen to that house. It’s a real nice house. If that was my house I’d sell it. Make a lot of money. Not wait around until it burned down or suppin bad happened. That wouldn’t be nice, that would be sad. You’d be sitting there looking at it and thinking if “I’d only sold my nice house when the nice people suggested it in a really nice way I would have made a lot of money and saved all my cherished possessions too. Why couldn’t I have been nice like those really nice people who were trying to do me a favor and make me lots of money?”

    That would be sad, really sad. It makes me sad to think about it. I’d be a lot happier if you sold your house. It would stop me from worrying, hey it would stop you from worrying. All these worries you didn’t have before, that you didn’t even know about until the nice people told you. And it would be so easy to fix them. And make a lot of money.

    We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way.

  15. I am not a blogger–actually I’m not even quite sure what a blog really is. It seems to be a strange place in cyberspace for angry people with way to much free time to go and make the world a slightly more miserable place.

    I don’t want to waste time being angry, catty, and mean butI do want to take a minute to say that I too know Kelly. I know her as a fantasic artist and a pioneer business owner of the Silverlake Sunset Junction strip. Kelly was the first person I know to live in Echo Park over ten years ago. She smart even then and managed to buy a house in Echo Park which now would be impossible for an artist hence the career in Real Estate.

    I find frightening that people are so offended by her card. I guess soon there will be someone blogging on to proselytizing about the trees that died for Kelly’s postcard. I’m sure the ink used to print the cards made it into the ocean. I hope dolpshins didn’t die for Kelly’s card. it. Thank god homeless people don’t have mailing addresses, because I’m sure they’d be incensed that Kelly consider their plight when she designed such a callous card. OK. Enough.

    Kelly is the only real estate agent I know who can help someone making a real living and not a hollywood star salary buy a home. She’s also the only real estate agent I know who has the integrity to tell someone a perspective client the sad truth that they can’t afford to buy in this crazy market. Don’t despair though knowing Kelly she’ll probably rent you her Echo Park guest house for way under market value as she’s been known to do.


  16. Ben Oswalsd,

    I live near Scripps Ranch and I am quite certain the residents of this area would NOT find this particular postcard very humorous (or “clever” in your words) nor would they welcome Kelly as an agent if she resorts to these kinds of tactics to sell her services. Considering how prevalent fires are throughout the year in California and how many lives are ultimately affected (death and loss of all belongings) this postcard is definitely not funny.

  17. Hey Speaker,
    You are such a complete loser. I just hope you are an asshole Republican and not a PC Liberal because it is whiners like you that turn most middle of the road voters off to Liberals and Democrats. It sickens me that jerks like you try to impose your hyper sensitive PC ‘values’ on the smallest things like a stupid postcard. Get a life and for god’s sake, if you are a Democrat, shut the fuck up and maybe this country will get on a more sensible track.

  18. As the sender of this postcard, I never meant to offend anyone, and I apologize to those who were. It is not about house fires, the extreme image was meant to poke fun at the ridiculous state of LA’s real estate market. I was worried that I might inadvertently send one to someone who had been involved in a house fire, but the chances seemed very slim – they were sent to Silverlake & Echo Park residents, not to people who for whatever reason chose to buy or build in a natural hazard zone where fires are common. I also showed the postcard to many people and couldn’t find anyone who found it offensive in the least – one was even a victim of a house fire, and said she STILL thought the card was funny.
    Some friends of mine had been thinking of cashing out on their home as they watched it quadruple in value, and then last year it was destroyed in a mudslide (they also, by the way, loved the card and Laura left a positive comment above). These disasters make us realize how tenuous a house can be, when we often consider them our biggest asset. That was the flipside intention of this postcard. So whether it made you mad or made you laugh, it made you feel SOMEthing and maybe made you think. When was the last time a real estate ad did that? And for those of you who say you would never want to work with me, I think it’s safe to say our personalities would not have jived anyway.
    And to the sour grape that commented on my tile work, that was the original tile under the old formica. It may have been “shoddy”, but I thought it was worth saving. Here’s a link to photos of it:
    One of the great things about Keller Williams is that they give their agents the freedom to promote themselves as they wish. They’re very American that way.

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