Brush Like a Nihonjin

No matter how often you go, there’s always something at Larchmont Beauty Supply to blow your mind.

Today it was Breath Palette Japanese toothpaste – all 32 flavors of it.


32 flavors? What the hell could that be?

Beyond the obvious mints, how about Sweet Salt, Fresh Yogurt, or Fuji Apple?

Feeling savory? Then you’ll want Indian Curry, Darjeeling Tea, or maybe Lavender. I got White Peach and Pumpkin Pudding (tastes a little more like caramel than pumpkin, but still kind of cool), but had I seen Cinnamon or Monkey Banana I would have gone for those for sure.

5 bucks for a tiny tube, but the prices are the same on their website and they of course add shipping.

If Willy Wonka made toothpaste this would be it.

Larchmont Beauty Supply
208 N. Larchmont Blvd.
LA 90004

FAQ and the full list of Flavors….

0 Mouth Gel
1 Sweet Salt
2 Tropical Pineapple
3 Peppermint
4 Fresh Yogurt
5 Green Tea
6 Rose
7 Monkey Banana
8 Honey
9 Kiwi Fruit
10 Cafe au Lait
11 Plum
12 Fuji Apple
13 Vanilla
14 Indian Curry
15 Strawberry
16 California Orange
17 Kyoto Style Tea
18 White Peach
19 Japanese Plum
20 Lavender
21 Darjeeling Tea
22 Cinnamon
23 Grape
24 Lemon Tea
25 Bitter Chocolate
26 Blueberry
27 Caramel
28 L’Espresso
29 Grapefruit
30 Pumpkin Pudding
31 Cola

What is Breath Palette?
Invented in Japan and now available for the first time in the United States, Breath Palette is a naturally derived line of flavored toothpastes and mouthwashes. Available in a variety of tastes from fruity to exotic, BP changes the way we view oral care – from a daily chore to a daily treat. With 32 sensational flavors you can be adventurous every day of the month or eventually commit to a favorite.

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