LAPD Crime Maps


I’m not sure if this is new, of if I just never noticed this before, but the LAPD is now offering very detailed and cool crime maps on their website. Maybe I didn’t really want to know about the amount of crime that goes on here in downtown. Crazy shit!

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  1. Good Morning Dave!

    This was officially unwrapped late Thursday morning at a Civic Center press conference. As coincidence may have it, I just posted a congratulatory note on the LAFD News & Information Blog.

    Stay Safe, Be Well… and whatever you do, don’t become a dot on a map!

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

  2. This site is thoroughly awesome.

    LAPD should sell shirts with the website and the slogan, “Don’t become a dot on the map!”


  3. I like it!

    However, I found the colors of the dots a little strange. Rape is green, eh? I would have figured that they’d take a clue from Homeland Security and murder would be red, rape orange, burlary would probably be best as green.

    Still, I’m glad the LAPD is giving us some timely information.

  4. I am saddened to see my K-Town neighborhood as a hotbed of activity, week after week.

    Each week, it tells me that there are more than 100 crimes and to try again by “refining my search”!

    Thanks though LAPD. Your website and now this map is tight, top-notch, and world-class.

  5. Another internet resource restricted to non-Mac computers! FEMA had the same restrictions for downloading forms after Katrina, now the LAPD limits its CrimeMaps to M$ machines only?

  6. Special thanks to our friends at the Los Angeles Fire Department for their kind review of our new web site.

    In addition to the Crime Maps and E-policing, the LAPD is working toward posting a Blog in the very near future.

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