Don’t Mess With Amy Alkon!

My newest blog crush, and possibly my new favorite blogger, is Los Angeles’ own Amy Alkon, aka The Advice Goddess. After recovering her own stolen car, and catching a hit and run driver dumb enough to have vanity plates, Amy more recently was able to track down a guy who’d signed her up for a bunch of spam lists out of revenge… people who enjoy’s bad parking and anti-SUV posts will especially appreciate this tale…

I started getting a bunch of list subscriptions in my email box Monday night (inspired, I later found out, by my original anti-SUV campaign). Some assclown was apparently signing me up, but who? Well, apparently, one who doesn’t know there’s really not that much anonymity for the average person on the Internet.

Not to ruin the surprise, but by utilizing IP addresses and something out of the Necronomicon (pure speculation), Miss Alkon got in touch with the man responsible and received a sincere apology. Not good enough for Amy… she’s demanding $50 restitution for the time lost getting her name off the spam lists.

The article that raised the poor sap’s ire had Miss Alkon sharing how she leaves pre-printed notes on SUVs:

Road-Hogging, Gas-Guzzling, Air-Fouling Vulgarian! Clearly you have an extremely small penis, or you wouldn’t drive such a monstrosity. For the adequately endowed, there are hybrids or electrics. 310-798-1817.

And thats just how they begin.

I think its time for Miss Alkon to bag the Advice Goddess shtick and hire herself out as a P.I.

(hat tip to LA Observed)

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