Slipping Across Lanes And Into Red Lights

I am trying to figure out if it’s a new thing, or if it has been happening all the time and I just recently started noticing it. I feel like in the last year or so people’s driving skills have been slipping. Slipping: entering intersections on red lights, and changing lanes without signalling. I see it almost every time I drive now. I feel like its becoming more and more common.

Is it because LA drivers are so jaded, and been at the wheel for so long that now we figure that we have signalled enough in our lives, so we just can’t be bothered to do it anymore. That we have stopped at enough red lights, and we might as well cruise through this one(does this relate to the revelation that the red light cameras don’t actually work?)

Before I noticed the pattern of people cruising through red lights, I would see the Watch the Road ads that said “Stop at Red or End Up Dead” and be like – who the hell doesn’t stop at red? Now I see who.

Anyways, I hope these habits don’t become part of the “LA driving style”…

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  1. The lack of turn signals, lane changing or otherwise, has been something I’ve noticed for as long as I’ve been in LA. It causes me to weep openly.

  2. I assume you’re not referring to the practice of pulling forward and then making your left hand turn on the yellow (or skirting the red) when there’s no left turn signal? Because if we didn’t do that, we’d all still be trying to get to work today.

  3. Nice knowing you Greg, but it is only a matter of time before you kill yourself or someone else. You’re playing the odds with any behavior like that.

    In the past, I often noticed people would squeak through a new red on occasion, but I would say that every day now I see someone cruise through seconds-old red lights with nary a glance to the right or left. The behavior has been happening for a while, now it is a more egregious.

    Stop signs are the worst, though. In my small neighborhood you take your life in your hands walking or driving. People aren’t even slowing down anymore. When I come to my usual full stop at a stop sign I often feel that the person behind me is going to rear-end me.

    Full disclosure: I was t-boned crossing Van Nuys Blvd on Hatteras about a year ago by a guy with expired plates, no insurance and no local address, totaling my long paid-off vehicle.

    He drove through a solid red at full speed, never even hitting his brakes. To this day, I still hurt where my ribs met the center console and I will probably have that the rest of my life. With a constant reminder like that, you can imagine how I feel about red light runners.

  4. I’ve noticed city buses on many occasions running red lights more than five or ten seconds after the light has turned. Haven’t lived here long enough to know if that is a new trend, but still very scary.

  5. Add to the list:

    1) Tailgaters. They will be the cause of my first heart attack.

    2) Those who cross the double yellows to get in and out of the car pool lane on the freeways. My best friend does this and I’ll slap him if he does it while I’m riding with him.

  6. 3) Lane drifters – those who can’t be bothered with those little white lines and that there are other people in the lane!

    4) Reading & driving – it’s akin to chicks putting on make-up whilst driving.

  7. last week I was sitting behind someone on sycamore at hollywood blvd. they had stopped at the light and then proceeded to cross hollywood blvd, slowly, against a red light. they had already gotten most of the way across the street when the light turned green, which then then decided would be a good time to stop, in the middle of the intersection.

  8. I almost got creamed one morning by a bus blowing through a red light. I had to brake HARD and thankfully was able to stop, but before I could pull it together the bus was gone. I submitted a complaint and never heard back from anyone. I just wonder what would have happened if it had been a pedestrian stepping off the curb…

  9. I just don’t understand why protected left turn arrows go red. It should just go to the basic yield for traffic. I understand if there’s a red arrow on a hill or something where you’re blind.

    Say the light is green going north-south, but the red arrow is on for the people turning left. I’ll run that red arrow, but only if the light is green.

  10. Several weeks ago, I was almost hit by a bus blowing through a red light in Santa Monica. I always wait for the “walk” signal, since I’ll be damned if I’m going to get a ticket for jaywalking. On this occasion, I had just stepped off the curb – following the signal change – and jumped back up as I watched a bus whoosh by about a foot away. Not so fun. Shouldn’t public transportation and law enforcement be required to set a good example for other drivers?

  11. Last year and the year before, there was a stretch where I frequently saw drivers blasting through red lights without stopping at all and honking their horns as they sped through the intersection. Over the past year, I’ve hardly seen it at all, but, then again, I have been working from home a lot more as well.

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