Six Flags: Magic Makeout Mountain


I recently ran up to Six Flags: Magic Mountain with some friends. I can’t say that I’m real big on theme parks, but it was a pretty fun. Six Flags is unlike Disneyland in that it’s almost exclusively rollercoasters. While my friends were happy to ride rollercoasters nonstop, I found myself wandering about the park watching people. Sure, it’s not Pirates of the Caribbean, but I have to admit it was pretty interesting. I’m not sure if I’d ever realized it in my trips to various theme parks across the country or if last weekend was “special” but it seems like every single couple in line, whether they were in a group or alone, was ALL about making out in line. And it wasn’t just teenagers who could make out now that mom wasn’t around, it seemed to span all age groups. Of course this doesn’t include the guy who tried to fight my friend Liz and I for some imagined slight or his “ladyfriend” with the matching Chevy headband. We learned our lesson, stand clear of people with hood ornaments emblazoned on their heads. Just after that I managed to get on “X” and still have no idea what happened between the first drop and when the ride ended. I think I was upside down part of the time? I’m not even sure. Ultimately, a good time was had by all, but there was something about not being just being along for the ride that was kind of disappointing to me. Am I the only person who wants to DRIVE the rollercoasters? Maybe next time I’ll just find a good go-kart track. Any suggestions?

(The above image is of the new rollercoaster they’re building. I can’t remember what it’s called. It’s red and yellow.)

3 thoughts on “Six Flags: Magic Makeout Mountain”

  1. The new ride’s called Tatsu… and it looks wicked fun. I love Magic Mountain, but I wouldn’t so much consider it a makeout spot. I like going there with a date, but it’s a good place to have time to chat while you have nothing better to do but stand around. The public make out should be reserved for parks and dimly lit coffee shops :P

  2. As for the making out: as I recally, that was the whole reason for going to themeparks in the junior high era of life. A nice place to ditch the folks and run around and stress about whether to french the guy you were going around with. Ah, to be 13 again.

    Wait, no. No being 13 again thanks.

    But I do recall getting one of my first kisses while waiting in line for Ninja.

    I’m not sure I could handle Magic Mountain anymore, however, just for that reason. Ick. No one wants to watch that. ;)

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