Making L.A. A Bit More Like SimCity

My SimCity cities were usually nodes of residential/commercial or industrial zones, connected by mass transit. With a major seaport. simcity4.jpg And parks. They did not look like Metro Los Angeles.

However, by way of a couple blogs today, I did find out that we are FINALLY getting the Expo Line to Culver City. It’s finally been approved. Westsiders, rejoice! (For more detail, see links – newly repaired thanks to commenter Julio)

3 thoughts on “Making L.A. A Bit More Like SimCity”

  1. My cities are similiar. Funded by benevolent money from a cheat code powered God, they rarely have roads but instead free public transit and a near police state level of law enforcement.

    They’re like how I imagine Scandanavian countries would be.

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