I Refuse to Title This “Where’s the Beef?”


Mmmmmmmmm….look at all that hot, juicy SOY? To celebrate Meatout 2006, meat-slinging retro favorite Johnny Rockets is giving away a free Streamliner for every Streamliner (or sandwich, starter and soda) that you buy for the entire month of March. All you need to do is download the coupon from the PETA site. The Streamliner, if you haven’t already figured it out, is Johnny Rockets’ no-meat option, made with the fan-favorite Boca Burger. That’s one pictured above, but if the mouth-watering picture hasn’t convinced you to try one let me just say that I eat meat and I love Boca Burgers. I love free Boca Burgers even more.

6 thoughts on “I Refuse to Title This “Where’s the Beef?””

  1. For anyone with a thyroid disorder, soy is death. The sodium count is about the same small fries at MickeyD’s.

  2. I’m a situational vegetarian — I like my vegetables situated right next to a nice big steak. And remember, vegetables are what food eats. 8-)

  3. Can you order with bacon?
    I’m sure that was meant as a dumb joke, but I don’t see any reason why not. It would probably be good.

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