El Coyote’s 75th Anniversary!


Jess Winfield at LA Food Crazy calls it “The World’s Greatest Restaurant” and esteemed food review Jonathan Gold says that Los Angeles is “unimaginable without it.”

As for me, my stomach rarely agrees with this place, but its my girlfriend’s favorite… and I must admit I’ve become addicted to the atmosphere. It features the arguably best margaritas in town at indisputably cheap prices. And it was the the site of Sharon Tate and company’s last meal.

This Monday, March 13th, El Coyote celebrates its 75th birthday.

Opened in 1931 on La Brea Avenue by Blanche and George March, El Coyote moved to its present location on 7312 Beverly Boulevard in 1951. Grace, Blanche’s 89-year-old sister-in-law continues on as its matriarch and dines at the restaurant every Thursday afternoon… The cantina serves approximately one thousand meals per day. The manager Maria has held her position for a stellar fifty years, and the waitstaff and cooks are employed for 15 years on average. (from their press release)

To commemorate, they’re giving away “prizes and limited edition El Coyote fiesta favors”, plus serving .75 cent enchilada and taco dinner specials. A mariachi band will be there to entertain.

A perfect compliment to the Three Stooges/”Pee-Wees Big Adventure” double bill running Sunday and Monday at the New Beverly Cinema a block away.

7 thoughts on “El Coyote’s 75th Anniversary!”

  1. We used to eat there all the time, but the last few times we went (admittedly a few years ago) the food was just awful. Is it good again? I drive to North Hollywood for Mexican food (Ernie’s on Lankershim by the 134 – best margaritas in LA).

  2. I totally agree about the ambience. Weekly visits to this place with a group of friends kept me sane when I was going to school 15 years ago. I don’t think the food was ever good. It was more about the gathering. Afterwards, occasionally we would trek down the New Beverly or elsewhere, but mostly it was across the street to what was (very) briefly a bookstore/coffee house called “Big & Tall Books.” Sometimes I miss those Friday nights and El Coyote; and frequently I still miss Big & Tall Books. What a place. I stood, in mute, stunned appreciation, beside Uma Thurman there once, and I wish I could find the autographed copy of Crispin Glover’s “Rat Catching” from that store. I also seem to recall one of the last excursions there included catching an appearance by comedian and now Simpsons producer Dana Gould.

    Sorry for the rambling. Bottom line: El Coyote is one of my favorites, and it was never all about the food. Combined with the Three Stooges, well, there are the ingredients for a very good day. Thanks for the tip.

  3. I dunno. Yes, great margaritas but the food is usually just a giant gloppy plate with crispy fried elements jammed in.

  4. I’ve never understood the El Coyote phenomenon. Maybe it’s because of my experiences in CO/NM, but I just can’t get into it. The fact that it was the site of Sharon Tate’s last meal might convince me to go check it out again, but otherwise it’s main appeal seems to be that it’s been around for a long time.

  5. They serve food?

    I’m only two thirds of an attorney, but I’m pretty sure saying that is actionable as false advertising.

    Drinks, sure, but PLEASE don’t order food there – they use canned vegetables in their tostadas fer chrissakes!

  6. I’ve only been to southern Colorado briefly, and didn’t get a chance to sample much local dining, but I would go back to Albuquerque just to get some Los Cuates again.

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