Eddie Van Halen!

2006_02_08_eddie_van_halen.jpgSince the photo I posted of Axl Rose has garnered its fair share of interest, here’s one of Eddie Van Halen (link via Defamer) from earlier this week:

According to David Lee Roth, alcohol has not been the only problem of Eddie’s in later years: an accidental use of Crystal Meth, often found in street Cocaine, led Van Halen to grow a strong addiction on the drug, and as an effect, he allegedly is unable to sustain the burden of lengthy tours and performances. …

Since the 2004 tour, Eddie Van Halen has disappeared from the public eye, until a recent apparition at the 14th annual Elton John Academy Awards viewing dinner and after-party, in West Hollywood, California, held on March 5th, 2006. Fans stood in extreme worry at the pictures of the event, picturing the guitarist in bad health and apparently under the influence of alcohol.

So sad.

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