BREAKING: Hostage Police Standoff on Long Beach Freeway!

A car chase has ended in a hostage situation police standoff on the Long Beach Freeway. A suspect is in a minivan pinned between two armored police vehicles by the Firestone exit. KABC7 is reporting that the suspect is wanted for a December 2005 armed kidnapping incident… Traffic is being diverted, so avoid the 710 in Southgate.

UPDATE (4:08pm): About half an hour ago the suspect surrendered peacefully. Traffic will likely remain impacted for an hour or so before the more normal rush hour back up.

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UPDATE (12:39pm): Lunchtime! I’m offline for a bit. If you hear of any updates, including recommended side routes, please leave them in the comments.

UPDATE: (12:06pm): KCAL9/CBS2 has a delayed video feed of sorts you can watch online.

UPDATE (11:54am): To get a general idea of the increasing traffic nightmare, go to In short, steer clear of the 710 especially heading Northbound. The 5 Freeway is also experiencing residual backups.

UPDATE (11:37am): The armored vehicles are indeed SWAT vehicles. No additional message of a hostage, so its unclear if the news was confusing the current situation with what the LAPD originally wanted the suspect for.
It looks like hundreds of cars are stuck on the freeway. TV commentators are telling drivers they may have to wait this out… reminding me I need a TV in my car so I can be updated next time I’m stuck in traffic.