Birthday Cake (East Los Style)


The S.O. celebrated his birthday on Saturday. He insisted that he didn’t want a cake, but he lied. Boxed marinated meat ready to throw on the grill from one of East LA’s finest carnicer√≠as (meat market), La Guadalupana, isn’t your traditional birthday cake, but I think it fulfills the same purpose.

I’m sure you can make a wish on a carne asada taco.

3 thoughts on “Birthday Cake (East Los Style)”

  1. Eecue,
    That is a cigarette. The SO got the idea from a 76 year old woman on her birthday last month. She had a real candle.

    It’s just hard to celebrate with all your party attendees. He had 3 people singing happy birthday to him because by the time people had arrived later, the meat was cooked.

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