Westside Updates

Before I get to the actual news out here by the ocean, I’d like to remind you all that CODEPINK are hosting a major event this weekend for International Women’s Day. We’re doing an aerial image at Arlington West, and we’ll need as many (clothed) bodies as possible to help form it! There’s going to be music, and speakers, and you can also meet our new Westside Progressive Democrat candidate, Marcy Winograd, who kicks off her campaign next week. The event runs from 2 – 4, and I would love all you readers down there. It will be a good time, and the aerial images really are an amazing experience to participate in.

And now, some snippets of info from the Westside:

Any Westsiders interested in sustainability, cycling and developing a less car dependent culture (I know, I know, that’s an oxymoron out here) might want to check out the Sustainable Transport Club. They’ve posted an agenda – and it looks like they have some serious action items going on.

Meanwhile, in sustaining human habitats, the Venice Beachhead reports that there is a two-month reprieve/extension for some seniors and the disabled at Lincoln Place. The extra two months will give time for more talks. The Beachhead also reports that the RAD project going up on Main St is missing its Coastal Development paperwork – but sometimes, with radical left wing groups, even I have to take these things with a grain of salt.