8 thoughts on “Today’s Parking ‘Tard”

  1. While I mush site the said vehicle owner for having a red pickup in the first place, I forgive the parking job.
    Baller HW parking lot is retarded! you can’t get out of that spot without hopping the curb.

  2. Dood! What were you doing at Ballers? What happened to the clustermuck last year with the counter-clockwise downspouts?

  3. Tristen, Alas I failed to follow through with any deceiving note. Forgive me?

    And indeed, Cybele I had sworn off Baller’s after the fiasco last year in ordering a simple $4 rain gutter endcap that they just couldn’t get right the first time, the second or the third. With my wrath encurred I was forced to seek it out online after which I vowed to boycott the place — and I did! For a few months.

  4. If you’re going to buy a truck that big you should know how to park it. Baller’s parking lot may be retarded but two retards don’t make it bright. Besides there’s usually curbside parking available, but the retard probably didn’t want to walk aaaall the way from the street to the store.

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