Ninja Squirrel Ambush Thwarted

Had my superior awareness and intuition not brought me to look up in time this attack squirrel was gonna rain twitchy-tailed havoc all over me. Note the masterful blending in with its background and click the image for biggification to check out the evil gleam in its beady little eye. That I boldly brought my cam to bear in the face of such a worthy foe proved my fearlessness and forced its retreat into the palm boughs above… to await a more suitable and unwary quary.

4 thoughts on “Ninja Squirrel Ambush Thwarted”

  1. In my old Burbank hood, these squirrles would drop pine cones and anything else they could get their little hands on from the trees as people walked by. They were vicious little bastards!!

  2. I love that photo!

    Growing up in my part of Los Angeles, squirrels were a rare treat I enjoyed only when I went to the mountains for summer camp. Otherwise they were film extras – indications of far off American cities, cute little critters that didn’t exist here.

    Now, suddenly, there are squirrels on my front porch here in San Pedro. What the hell happened?

    I think “there goes the neighborhood” is an appropriate line. Now, where’s the fun in the mountain trips?

  3. You must have been on the bad list of a local Ninja Squirrel Clan… That was just a warning… Be aware, watch out for future attacks… You may be marked for Ninja Squirrel Death!!!

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