Another post about LA drivers

First of all, someone extended some courtesy to me this morning, which shocked and delighted me. I was coming down Highland and wished to get in the right lane to turn on Franklin. The right lane was unusually busy and no one was letting me in. The car behind me, a small silver Honda, was also trying to move over, and the driver was being more aggressive than me. She found (or made) and opening, moved over, and stopped dead to wave me in front of her. Thank you, cute girl in the small silver Honda!

Later, on La Brea, I saw some jackass back into another car. They were both pulling into the Washington Mutual near Rosewood. The first car was stopped on the sidewalk, waiting for who knows what (it’s one way, so no one should have been trying to exit), and decided to back up, despite a second car that was partially blocking traffic, waiting for the first car. So the moron backs right into the waiting vehicle. It wasn’t much of an impact, but I saw a dent in the offending bumper. To the woman who was backed into: I’m sorry I didn’t stop. I know you will probably be held responsible, and I should have at least given you my name as a witness. My lame excuse is that I am pregnant and my blood sugar was really low. If you read this, get in touch – I will gladly make a statement.

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  1. Yeah, people have been driving like butt nuggets lately.
    I was leaving Whitley Market the other night, and I watched on Franklin, amongst all the cars waiting for the light to turn green, a gay couple having an argument in their Toyota. The passenger got out, slammed the door, and started walking away. The driver tried to follow and yell for his passenger to come back, but when the driver got out of the car HE FORGOT TO PUT IT IN PARK. The car knocked into the much larger truck in front of it. The truck showed no sign of damage, but the Toyota had a bent and busted hood. The driver then yelled to the passenger, “See! You made me crash my car!”
    Ha. I love LA.

  2. Great way to start a rant. I myself have been victimized by LA drivers and will share a road rage story: I was driving west on the 134 after work, merging on and hitting about 74 mph as some little punk ass doing about 90 flew right up on my ass and swerved around me. My response? Juvenile to say the best but I did give the finger which apparently perpetuated this punk to straddle up along side my car and start throwing things at it while driving. My next response? Adult. I hit the brakes got behind the little bastard and took a pic of his car with my camera phone. He shit his pants so bad, he floored it; never to be seen again. Unfortunately the plate number was unreckognizable.

  3. I hope there’s a special, especially painful, circle of hell reserved for people who pass on the right when you’re signalling to move into the right lane.

  4. I’m so glad someone was cool to you on the road, but “I was coming down Highland and wished to get in the right lane to turn on Franklin. The right lane was unusually busy and no one was letting me in.” It’s always like that in the morning, and what drives me crazy is that no one in L.A. (not you per se) seems to understand merging with the flow of traffic. No matter the situation, they just stop until they can merge. Personally, if I can’t merge with the flow of traffic, I just go another way or circle back.

    But that’s just me. I’m the one leaning on my horn behind the person who’s stopped their car in the middle of traffic so that they can merge onto Franklin, which they didn’t seem to remember they wanted to do until right before they hit the intersection.

  5. Well, no. I come through the Cahuenga pass every Tuesday morning at the same time, and it was unusually busy. I began trying to merge at the offramp from the 101. I moved along with traffic. I could very easily have gone down to Melrose and gotten to my destination that way. My point was that another driver was kind, nothing more or less. I too hate other drivers’ lack of understanding of merging, but I am not one of the offenders.

  6. Yeah, OK, I guess sometimes it is worse than usual. I do try to let people in when I can, and sometimes the look on their faces is such surprised relief!

    Usually followed by the wave – although one time I got like the fist of black power, which was kinda cool. :)

  7. I don’t really see this as courteous behaviour. Your good samaritan pushed her way into a packed lane and then brought the lane to a dead stop. I suppose it was good for you but what about all the other drivers behind her?

  8. I’ll bet that girl in the silver Honda was my girlfriend. She’s not from these parts.

  9. Liz-AWESOME.

    Ryan-If traffic had been moving more than two miles an hour (okay, maybe five), you would be right, though I’d still be amazed at a driver’s acknowledgment of anyone else on the road, and of course pleased that it was me.

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