Charlie Wadhams sings songs you’ll like.

charlie.jpgIn the sea of music that inundates the city, sometimes it’s hard to look past big touring band and find the little gems that’ve been here all along. As a solo artist, Charlie Wadhams plays music that is a bit more stripped down than his band, Rex Aquarium’s, straight-on pop rock. It’s much more subdued and brings comparisons to artists like Nick Drake or the like. In fact, listening to “Free Up” at his myspace page brings a serious 60’s singer songwriter vibe (something I say in the best possible way. I seriously just listened to it like 10 times as I wrote this.) He’ll be playing tomorrow at Tangier with a Gus Seyffert on stand-up bass and Mike Green on drums. You can wander in, grab a bite to eat and listen to one of LA’s more noteworthy of homegrown singer-songwriter types. I also hear that Tangier has a killer happy hour but haven’t been over to check it out. Anyone?

(image yanked from his myspace page by Alex Prager)