VLog! “What Is Barcamp?”

I stopped by BarCamp at the last minute tonight and put together a video in an effort to explain what its all about to your average Joe.

The embedded video is after the jump, and features Buzznet founder Marc Brown, blogging.la’s own Jillian Tate, and Jason Calcanis of Weblogs, Inc.


I somehow missed the esteemed Mack Reed of LA Voice.org, as well as the 1947s Project’s Kim Cooper, especially since I wanted to grill her about what year in Los Angeles history the crime bloggers will do next as their accounts of 1947 draw to a close.

I wish I was able to return for Sunday’s events, but I’ll be trapped in Hollywood among the Oscar mayhem. For everyone else, BarCamp is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be among geniuses and future gazillionaires. Best of all, its free.

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