barcamp :: day two

I’m down at the Little Radio warehouse right now, sitting at the back of the Big Presentation Room. There’s a sort of dull roar that comes from fifty-odd people, broken off in small clusters around the room to talk. I’ve already listened in on presentations about podcasting, webdev for nonprofits, and Web 2.0. There’s “First Grade Art Class” going on upstairs, which I believe involves glitter and popsicle sticks. There’s a lot of presentations coming up that range from building a social network online to “Fun With Java And Java 3D”. In fact, someone is showing off some code on the projection screen in front of me RIGHT NOW.

I’m heading into Mack’s presentation on Building a Social Network of Collaborators – finding people who will contribute to a project on a longterm basis. But those of you watching from home can see photos updated on Flickr throughout the day. Although, if you’re not down here already – why not?

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