BARCAMP: day one quotes

Just woke up and getting ready to head back down to BatCampLA (I didn’t camp out – downtown has enough urban camping enthusiasts) and thought I’d throw out some of the amusing quotes I heard yesterday. I’m faily certainly all of these are being taken out of context, so.. yeah:

“We’re not really planning to wait until 8pm to break out the booze are we?”

“I’m from Yahoo! and I’m here to make the official announcement that we’ve aquired BarCamp”

“OK, so looks like there’s 4 open wifi networks and 3 more that are locked down”
“So, how long until we have 7 open networks?”
“Uh… 5 minutes?”

“Wow, Yahoo! has serious balls… they even blink!”

“My company is based in Pasadena and I didn’t even know there was anyone in LA with a blog!”

“Everyone I’ve talked to about this project has told me that to find anyone to help with it I’m going to have to go to SF, I’m so excited to see that there are people in LA actively involved with this.”

“That’s one hot piece of RSS!”

“Becareful what you say, the guys from Blogebirty are here.”
“I’m not worried, so are the guys from ask a ninja.”