barcamp :: day one

I spent yesterday evening at BarCampLosAngeles. And it was awesome. I met a lot of people I knew by name, but not by face. And, better still, I met a lot of people and exchanged ideas with them.

The first person I met was Mack from LA Voice, who always has brilliant local commentary on his site. I re-met Kim from the 1947 project, compared RSS awareness notes with James from Feedster, and finally met our own eecue. I watched a dozen episodes of (which is absolutely hilarious). There were so many people there, from so many sites, companies, blogs – all with their own ideas and knowledge and visions. And all looking to bond with their fellow geeks. I heard people say that several times in introductions – “I’m here to meet the L.A. tech community,” or “I’m here to find my tribe of nerds.”

I’ve been totally fascinated with the Internet for twelve years because it allows the kind of information and idea sharing that happens at BarCamp. And I continue to be fascinated and involved with it because it allows and promotes the kind of forward thinking and shifts in media that the BarCamp attendees are involved in. It’s why I work in online. Well, actually, I work in online because I have a liberal arts degree, but I’m good at it because I am Internet-obsessed.

Today, I’m presenting on Viral Marketing: What It Is And How It’s Used, with Jeremy and Kyle from Blogebrity. I’m really excited about this. I’m also excited about the GTD (Getting Things Done) presentation with Mistress Chi Chi and Heathervescent, because it takes a lot of organization to do everything I try to get done in a day. Starting with getting back to Barcamp!