Around town in pictures

elevator.jpgI haven’t really been doing much of anything lately. I’ve been sick, and busy with a job deadline. But I have been taking my camera with me on the rare occasions that I am able to leave my house, and I have a few pictures to share.

This first one shows that some of my neighbors, the charming fuckers, had a party in the elevator and didn’t invite me. This is extremely typical of my 150-unit building. I can’t wait to move.

(Click any picture for larger image) next is a truck for a company that appears to be rather confused: A “drug-free” declaration, multi-colored leaf, and a clog? It would seem that they are drug-free Dutch Rastafarians. Or…something. In the interest of Deeper Understanding, I looked up the company, but I didn’t find anything on their website (at a cursory glance, anyway) that illuminated the situation. They’re painting over Tinkerbell: La Brea, just south of Melrose.

I took this picture from across the street, two doors up from The Divine Pasta Company, still closed for renovations after a fire. I miss their Caprese Panino!

…I’m not sure if I’ll miss Tink. She was a little creepy, and her colorless companions doubly so. problem here is that “w/o” is already an abbreviation, and it doesn’t mean “west of.” (If you weren’t sure, it means without.) I suppose I should just accept that it makes sense in context, but I cannot abide misuse of language, including abbreviations. It isn’t quite as bad as the flagrent disregard of the proper uses for quotes and apostrophes on signs all over town (and indeed the world), but it is irritating.

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  1. On the Tinkerbell thing- my family used to go on day trips to France (Calais mainly) to buy wine- ‘booze cruises’ they call ’em.

    Anyhoo, we always used to pass this one building in Calais, a little low building like the one you showed, which had Betty Boop painted on the side. We used to always shout when we saw we were driving past her.

    I wonder if she’s still there?

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