Like Sean said, a bunch of us are going to BarCamp. At BarCamp, everybody does a presentation, and right now I am not quite 100% sure what I am going to present. So here are the topics I am currently contemplating:

  • Introduction to the Incident Command System: a scaleable system used to manage everything from a lost hiker to an earthquake or other massive disaster. Some people even use it to run their businesses.
  • Increasing accuracy of a Ruger Mini-14: out of the box the Mini-14 does about 3-4″ groups at 100 yards, but with a little money and a some handiwork you can increase the accuracy to almost 1″ @ 100 years.
  • Canon Macro Photography whilst breaking the bank: I will discuss the fun stuff you can do with a Canon EOS camera system and a few thousand bucks. If you want pictures of something tiny, please bring it along. I will also possible cover photo-microscopy.
  • Basic Knots You Should Know: I will cover a few knots including the Figure 8, Figure 9, Bowline and Butterfly.
  • Why Furby Hates Me: This will just be a show and tell of my skinned Furby, no I haven’t hacked him yet.
  • The IT Crowd: For the remainder of my talk I will just show selected episodes of the hilarious show from the UK.

I’m not sure if anybody would actually care about the aforementioned topics, but like usual I’ve been very busy and that is what I know I can cover without much preparation. Hopefully I will not be booed off stage.