Angelino Heights Walking Tour

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My wife Susan and I were lucky to grab the last two spots on today’s fully-booked Angelino Heights Walking Tour, run by the good folks at L.A. Conservancy. I’ve long known about the historic 1300 block of Carroll Avenue but at best my visits have been nothing more than drive-bys of its meticulously restored Victorian-era homes. It was awesome to spend some of this gorgeous day getting up-close with these masterpieces and learning their histories — we even got the opportunity to gawk our way through the first floors of a couple of them. Walking through the doors was literally like stepping back 100 years.

A set of my images from the tour can be found here on Flickr, and if you want to get some walking tour of your own, they’re a regular thing taking place the first Saturday each month. Get more info on it and other outings at the L.A. Conservancy website.

2 thoughts on “Angelino Heights Walking Tour”

  1. Beautiful photographs! I had no idea the tours were done so frequently (this’ll teach me to actually read the Conservancy site). I’ll be walking around Angelino Heights in the near future, I think.

  2. Three years ago one of these fully restored Victorian homes was up for sale and held an open house. We took the opportuntity to explore it from basement to attic.
    Though we have always loved Victorian homes and yearned to own one, after talking to the rep and several neighbors who came by, we came to the conculsion that only the truly hardy with an unlimited bank account could really own one of these beauties. The asking price then $895,000.
    Still, that afternoon was an amazing trip into great grandmas house and the craftsman who built it.
    Major kudos to the dedicated owners of these amazing homes.

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