P.O.S. at Echo. Soon.


Not sure what the hip hop constituency is here at blogging.la but I wanted to let everyone know about the ‘P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life’ tour rolling through The Echo tonight.

P.O.S. grew up in Minneapolis surrounded by the whole rock scene going on there, but before long this punk rock kid found hip hop and worlds started to collide. His songs are full of little splashes of punk rock atop a solid hip hop foundation. That being said, don’t think this is some kind of rap-rock bullshit, because it isn’t. It’s got rock influences (ask him about Kill Sadie and he’ll go on forever), but this is hip hop, and good hip hop at that. His album has appearances from all kinds of folks from Slug of Atmosphere to Craig Finn from The Hold Steady, with friends like that it’s hard to go wrong. You can check out the label, Rhymesayers‘ website for a song sample. The P.O.S. Is Ruining My LIfe Tour also features DJ Turbo Nemesis, Mac Lethal & SIMS. The show is 18 + and is $12.