Fire in Koreatown

I woke up disoriented. This is not unusual-I am a deep sleeper and have to get up to pee at least once a night because there is a baby pressing on my bladder. This time I couldn’t breath. This, too, is sadly normal, given the cold I’ve had for three weeks now. I tried to fall back to sleep.

Then my husband woke up, and against expectations he walked out of the bedroom sniffing the air. He smelled smoke. I came fully awake instantly-I am terrified of a house fire.

Luckily it is not my building. I’m not sure exactly where it is, but it seems to be a bit east of me (I live fairly close to the Wiltern), maybe as far as Vermont. I can’t see smoke, but that is where the five helicoptors are circling. Nothing on the LAFD blog yet (not surprisingly since it woke us up at 5:00). I hope everyone is safe.

UPDATE: The fire was on Ardmore between 5th and 6th (that’s the 500 South block). It must have come right on the heels of the Manhattan fire Will mentioned (that one was just before 4:00, this one just after 5:00).

UPDATE AGAIN: According to LA Times online, three people died in the fire.

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