Compton orders up a double Molotov Cocktail


Two men (18 & 21) were arrested in Compton last night for chucking molotov cocktails at houses. One on West Spruce Street and the other on South Bradfield Street. It might just be too early in the morning, but I really can’t figure out any more details from this NBC4 story – Are they saying that more cocktails were thrown at the same houses after these dudes were arrested but they don’t know if the attacks were related? Um, right, because there’s a chance that it’s a coincidence? Because so many homes in LA get hit by molotov cocktails every day it’s hard to tell which ones are connected? Like I said, I could be reading it wrong.
Molotov Cocktail Image by Alexander Kosolapov

3 thoughts on “Compton orders up a double Molotov Cocktail”

  1. Does this mean the revoloution has officially started? Or has the economy gotten so bad that even criminals can no longer afford proper weapons?

  2. Pickwick’s Pub burned down after some guy threw a molotov through the front window after they closed. I think they’re reopening after almost a year soon.

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