All I Want is Worms

One of my secret desires is to have a lush, verdant garden. I imagine a place beautiful to look at, be in and draw sustenance from. Over the years, I have had varying degrees of success with my vision. Some seasons, depending on how much I’m slammed with work, it’s just tomato plants on the deck or a couple of lone orchids scattered around the house. Other years, I get ambitious and plant all sorts of things: Last year a drought resistance landscape…of course because we had the wettest winter ever, and this year I’m going for a full-scale vegetable garden. So far I’ve seeded heirloom tomatoes from my uncle in Georgia, handed down 60 years in the family, sweet peas for color, squash, and the fattest arugula ever. The rest of the property is a hodge-podge of plants that are successfully thriving and a number of failed projects, dying.
Because of this passion, I have a compost pile and to speed things up… I now want earthworms. See earthworms make casings and casings enrich your soil. So I ordered a pound from Worm Man . But alas, they won’t ship till mid-March. And I want them now. I’ve called several garden supply stores to no avail, found a wholesale supplier who won’t sell to me and at Osh, a woman told me to just get a bucket of soapy water and throw it down on some lawn after a rain storm and voila! worms would emerge. But really, all I want is a bunch of worms in a box to throw in the compost. Anyone know where I can get some red wigglers?

6 thoughts on “All I Want is Worms”

  1. I wouldn’t just throw red wigglers on a compost. They do much better in a confined bin. Same results — you’ll get vermipost to fertilize your plants. There’s a worm bin group on Yahoo…someone there could probably direct you in the right place. My bin’s about a year old now. The worms are great! As a collective, they’re almost like a pet!

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