Way to bilk the system, jackass

When you buy a bottled beverage in California you pay an extra tax called the CRV or California Redemption Value. This tax is actually refunded to you if you recycle the empty container, which is a good thing as it encourages folks to recycle. The loophole in the system is that manufacturers are somewhat lazy and bottles of soda bought in other states frequently still have the CRV code on the side. If you were to go to Arizona and buy a truckload of empty soda cans your could theoretically make tons of money at the expense of California taxpayers. If you do this you are an asshole and I hope you get caught like these bastards did after making over $6 million.

2 thoughts on “Way to bilk the system, jackass”

  1. This is a horrible revenue-grab tax program, not “a good thing that encourages people to recycle.”

    Instead, there is a huge tax on the sale of soft-drinks (Buying $3 12-packs, you pay a 20% tax!).

    Then, to make sure that people don’t collect the refunds of this enormous tax, they make sure that the process is as inconvenient as possible. The automated collection centers are rarely working unless you get there at 8am and go as slowly as possible. Of course, the machine will break within a few minutes, so you’re not going to get much back. Of course, if you go when it’s attended, that’s better, but they have ridiculously short attended hours. The centers are also filthy and I’m not risking hundreds of bee-stings just for this money.

    A couple of months ago, I gave up. I throw my cans in my regualr recycling bin and just accept the fact that this program is there for no other reason than to mask one of the largest taxes in the state.

    I think it’s sad how much it discourages recycling, because it would be political suicide to reduce the funds from this gravy train by improving the process and actually showing people how easy it is to recycle.

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