Digital Life Coaching

Much to my dismay, I’ve gone through several stages of tech phobia in my life. At one time I wouldn’t even attempt to do anything other than turn on my computer. If there was trouble, I always had a handy geek type lurking about to help me solve my online woes. Like all things in life….that phase is over rover. While not anywhere near as adept as some of my fellow compatriots, I’m now pretty skilled at solving most problems when my laptop acts up. Yet, there are still events that stump me and for that, I’ve learned to call in the experts.

Recently, I was pitching a show and desperately needed some help with a graphics presentation. We were using the new Keynote program that Apple has released to compete with Powerpoint. Enter Justin Bradshaw, who calls himself a ‘digital life coach’ to save the day. He wowed everyone with his ease in making everything flow perfectly and a week later when my computer was dying….he again took care of business. He used to work at Apple in the Grove where he hooked up with Ben Lam, and they formed Mac cognoscenti, a consulting business. They come to you and if you’re a Mac user….it’s a beautiful thing!

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